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N77-000 XpeDater Round Rotary Date Stamp<br>1-3/16" Diameter

N77-000 XpeDater Round Rotary Date Stamp
1-3/16" Diameter

SKU: N77-000
Your Price $95.95
XpeDater Rotary Date Stamp - Impression Size: 1-3/16"

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The XpeDater prints your custom message along with the month and year in the center and the date around the outer ring. The 6-year band also prints: A.M., P.M., REC'D, PAID, FAX'D. This XpeDater also comes with an inked base for a permanent place on a desk or counter. Use Xstamper Refill Ink only. Use of any other ink will void out the warranty. 

To Adjust the Dater Level: Pull top cap off. There will be a turn dial, turn that dial left or right to either bring down the date lower or to raise the date higher. 

To Change the Date: Twist open at the middle of the body of the stamp and spread apart. Turn the dials to the desired date.   

Re-Inking Instructions: This stamp sits direct onto a stamp base. Remove the stamp from it's base and place 10 drops evenly along the outer rim and 10 drops of ink in the center. 

*If spillage occurs on hands during re-inking, wipe with rubbing alcohol and wash with soap and water.   

Recommendations: Re-Ink your stamp overnight to allow the ink to fully absorb into the stamp pad. 

  • 91% Recycled Plastic Content 
  • 6-Year Date Band Beginning with Current Year 
  • Year Band also prints: A.M., P.M., REC'D, PAID, FAX'D 
  • Warranty: For the Lifetime of the Date Bands
    • Product Options and Custom Information
      Outer Ring Ink Color

      Ink Color for Date and Text

      Line 1 Above Date
      Line 1 Below Date
      Line 2 Below Date
      Line 3 Below Date
      Buy Extra Refill Ink?
      Special Instructions: